Relating with the moon. Its cycles. The physical rock that’s hurtling around our planet. The moon cycle of women’s bodies. Shedding. Blood. Fertility. Womb cycles. Esoteric views on the moon. The moon, the emotional body, the shamanic. The lunar cycles for working with nature. Planting, gardening, harvesting. …

Centrifuge OS enables a new generation of applications for the financial supply chain. It allows any business to transact with their counterparties while maintaining ownership of their resulting data, including company details, business relationships, and most importantly, subsequent transactions like purchase orders or invoices.

Participants can privately and securely exchange…

Sharing the technical paper behind Centrifuge’s Business NFTs

Public blockchain infrastructure is well-suited to freely create and exchange unique digital representations of anything in forms of tokens. The term non-fungible token (NFT) with the ERC-721 standard on Ethereum gained wide popularity earlier in 2018.

So far the use-cases for ERC-721 have mostly been for (crypto-)collectibles (like cats) and…

Combining standards for non-fungible-tokens with private off-chain business data to create unique tradable assets on decentralized networks

Update: We shared the technical paper “Privacy-Enabled NFTs” here.

The first digital revolution turned many physical goods such as books, music, or text into digital goods. The cost for storing, copying, and distributing…

Philip Stehlik


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